A warm welcome!

I am an artist, researcher and lecturer, working in the field of ecological performance and dance. I am interested in:

  1. -how live performance can explore the complexity of our human place within the more-than-human world of vibrant matter, animals and environments

  1. -how an ecological perspective enables and shifts our human relations

  1. -how performance can enact alternative ways of doing and being in the world

My arts practice sits within contemporary performance, choreography, live art and disability. My work explores and engages with critical questions around ecology and ecological thinking. For my practice-led PhD I developed an ecological-intergenerational performance practice, investigating how collaborative performance, in process and live event, can embody and enact our human interconnectedness with(in) wider environmental and social ecologies.

I create performances with a diversity of collaborators, including artists, children and adults, trained and non-trained performers and dancers, and disabled and non-disabled people. Inclusion and collaboration underpin my approach and I understand the creative process of making performance as a way of asking questions in response to my experiences of being alive in the world today.

I am currently lecturer in Research and Contemporary Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and am a visiting tutor in Theatre Studies at the University of Glasgow.